Barcode Tracking Software Standard Features

By Jeanie Bailey

Regardless of a company's size, keeping track of both assets and inventory is extremely important. There are quite a few different barcode tracking software companies that have designed their software with special features to make the job easier. Many will include them as regular parts of the program while others will charge for some as add-on items. The primary items are inventory control, asset management, multiple location coordination, scanners and printers, and integration with other software systems.

Controlling the inventory is simply keeping an accurate count of the products or parts on hand. With the older systems, employees would track products on paper forms. This is both time consuming and costly. The manual system slows down the ability to know what is available for shipping and for sale. In order to quickly fulfill customer orders, a company has to know exactly what is available at all times.

Asset management typically includes keeping track of non-product items. Work computers, printers, office furniture, and vehicles are examples of company owned items that are tracked using asset management features. Not only can the assets be tracked, but when used with other programs the value can be tracked. This is important for tax purposes as well as controlling company expenses.

Many businesses have multiple locations to store products. Retail businesses with more than one store may need to tag each product with the store location. Warehouses often ship or trade products in order to fulfill orders quickly. Using this feature a company can easily shift inventory from one location to another without losing track. This provides a better customer experience and eliminates wasted expenses.

There are many different types of scanners. The wireless version is useful for doing a regular inventory count. The employee simply walks through the warehouse and scans each item. This information is sent to the main system and the count is updated. Using wired or desktop type scanners helps warehouses track items being received or shipped. These help eliminate costly data entry mistakes.

Barcode printers have been manufactured for some time. They include special paper with a sticky sheet that is peeled and stuck onto the item. This allows companies to track products using their own barcodes. Using this type of system makes inventory management extremely efficient. The programs are also able to print the codes using standard paper.

Being able to integrate the data with other programs is essential. The software itself provides a powerful way of keeping track of inventory and assets. Many companies need to move the data to spread sheets, financial software, and even the Internet in order to share information across the company or provide financial information based on the numbers provided. Most of the more popular data types are included in the various packages.

Companies must keep track of both inventory and assets in order to compete in today's global economy. The standard features of tracking software provide an efficient and effective way of handling this process. The systems reduce employee time and mistakes that could be very costly to a company trying to grow and compete. Using these systems ensures nearly immediate and perfectly accurate access to company inventory data which allows for better management decisions.

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