Choosing The Right Laptop Stand For Your Semi-Trucks

By Merv Carlson

Professional people have to work on the go all the time. It is easy to see a businessman taking a laptop with him wherever he goes. However, you can not work comfortably on your laptop without a firm space to put the laptop on. This is where vehicle laptop desk comes into use. Semi-truck owners who need to work on the go can install the LH-Renegade semi-truck laptop mount to turn their vehicle into comfortable mobile offices.

The locking top of this product is adjustable and is made out of aluminum. The laptop desk can be turned side to side, so you can operate on your laptop easily even when you are standing outside of the semi-truck. With this highly useful feature, it lets you position any laptop to the top, regardless of the depth while leaving all the ports with easy accessibility. You will no longer be bothered by the uncomfortable cables in your vehicle. There is also the tilting and rotating clevis that is adjustable beneath for optimum placement while working on the computer. It takes you just twenty to thirty minutes to install the LH-Renegade to your semi-truck. You are provided with the detailed instructions and the necessary tools for the job.

The ergonomic design, sleek finishing together with lots of advanced features are what make LH-Renegade the most recommended semi-truck laptop desk on the market. The product is made of top quality steel.

LH-Renegade semi-truck laptop desk includes five main parts: a vehicle base, a quick-adjustable upper pole, a clevis tilt/swivel motion attachment, a long support brace all made of heavy gauge steel and an all aluminum top.

This typical truck laptop desk fit laptop of all sizes, including the ones with widescreens. Ruggedized laptops still fit well with these mounting systems. The interchangeable base plate makes it possible for you to change the laptop holder from a truck to another without any difficulties. This semi-truck laptop stand is a wise investment since you will not to change the mount when you change your vehicle models. All you have to do is to change the base.

If you own one of the semi tractor trucks below, the Pro Desks LH-Renegade is the best choice for your vehicle: DuraStar 4300/7300 (2002-2015), Freightliner (2005-2015), International (2005-2015), Kenworth (2005-2015), Mack (2005-2015), Peterbilt (2005-2015), Sterling (2005-2010), Volvo (2005-2015) and Western Star (2005-2015).

Pro Desks LH-Renegade is currently the most recommended laptop mount for semi-trucks. Semi-truck owners who have to work on a job site, or just want off-road computing will benefit from using this mounting system. The product is shipped to customer's door.

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