Understanding What Electronic Boards In LCD TVs, The T-Con D50ud1 For Instance, Really Do

By Henry Patterson

There was a time when television sets were not comprised of much more than a tube encased in wood, fuses, wires, a scanner, some knobs, and a set of rabbit ears. Like most things in today's world, televisions are more complicated now. You may never want to be a television repair person, but if you have any interest in electronics, it can be instructive to learn about the primary boards, like the T-Con d50ud1, found in LCD tvs.

If you open up the back of your television set you will probably find the power supply board, or power supply module, on the right hand side of your unit as you are looking at it. It will be the largest and heaviest of all the boards on the back of the set. The purpose of this board is to convert the AC, or alternating current, supply, which can change directions, into DC, or direct current, voltage.

The direct current will only move in one direction. This is what the circuit in LCD televisions uses. Depending on the model you have the power supply module and the inverter board may be combined. If you're not getting any power, or only intermittent power, the power supply board may be to blame.

The T-Con, or timing control board, will be the smallest board on the panel. LCD televisions are the only ones that have them. These boards are usually covered by a shield and are located on the top back of your panel.

The purpose of the T-con board is to control the circuit and TFT, or thin film transistor, driver. Indications that you have trouble with the T-con board will be vertical or horizontal lines. You might also see a double image, a white screen or no display.

You will find the inverter board at the back along the television's edge. If you have any tv other than an LCD, there will be no inverter board. This board is on the tv in order to convert the low voltage direct current, that the switched mode power supplies, into high voltage alternate current. Backlights are lit up with this. Inverters boards are sometimes combined with power boards. If your inverter board goes bad, you may see a dim screen or a display that shuts down entirely.

The main board is also known as the motherboard, the logic board, the main module, and the digital board. This is going to be the board on the back of the television that has the sound and video inputs and outputs attached to it. The main board is what takes in the signals and converts analog into digital. If you don't have color or sound, have vertical lines, or no picture, the main board may be the culprit.

The jackpack or audio receiving board is sometimes separated from the main board. Its function is to take the sound signal to the processor and on to the amplifier which is what drives the speakers on either side of the television. If you don't have sound, or a high pitched one, or channels that change randomly, you need to have the jackpack checked out.

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