Common Web Design Missteps In Long Island SEO

By Paula Hess

A website's position on Google, Bing or any other search engine is dependent on various factors. One of the most important, as those in Long Island SEO can attest, is the way in which said website is designed. The more care that's put into this platform, not only from a creative standpoint but a technical one as well, the higher it will show up. Web design isn't always foolproof, though, so here are some things to avoid during the development process.

One of the most common web design missteps, as they pertain to SEO, is the deletion of internal pages. Perhaps you're looking to tighten up your site so that there's less navigation required; this doesn't mean that the pages in question should be outright removed. If they are, redirects should be established so that users aren't led to 404 error pages. These error pages can lead to negative SEO, which companies like fishbat will tell you as well.

Another common misstep is failure to make the website responsive. In other words, if the site in question can't be visited on a smartphone as easily as a computer, its chances of ranking will be slim. Search engines have been placing more emphasis on sites that are mobile-friendly, as these tend to be the ones that provide the most value. The more responsive your site is, the better it will rank, so keep various platforms in mind during the developmental process.

A lack, or absence, of website testing can harm SEO efforts as well. If you're planning on making changes to your site, cosmetically, functionally, or what have you, it's important to know how it's going to run afterward. Proper testing will allow you to make note of any performance issues that may be experienced on the user's end. Without this essential step being taken, your site's SEO can take a severe hit.

As you can see, there are many possible mistakes that can be made in web design, which can lead to negative SEO results. You don't want your site to become lost in search engine results, which is why you must treat the development of your site as delicately as possible. Keep the information provided earlier in mind so that you have a better understanding of the steps to take. The more mindful you are, in this regard, the less you'll have to worry about negative SEO.

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