Guidelines You Should Know When Packing Emergency Go Kits

By Karen Schmidt

Disasters are likely to appear at any moment with no warning. If the area you live is prone to face an earthquake, floods, terror attack, wildfires, and hurricane, these factors should be considered whenever you decide to pack an emergency bag. Ensure that your emergency supply kit is well equipped and may be used at any moment. Pieces of equipment in kits may not be useful in all areas. To avoid this, ensure your bag has necessary items that can be used anywhere. The following are ways on how you can pack your emergency Go Kits.

It is often said that water is life. Almost all professional preparedness organizations can allude to the importance of stocking several gallons of potable water. Such water can come in handy during emergencies and can make the difference between life or death. For people that anticipate plenty of movement, it is advised that they at least have a portable filtration system. Filters are useful since so long as one has access to running water, their supply is virtually unlimited. Such water can be purified using purification straws or iodine water purification tablets if it is in a container.

Second, to water, the next essential thing needed for survival is food. Packing nonperishable food that can last several days is vital. Food can be in various forms, and despite this, it is advised to pack dense calorie food preferably. Packing several boxes of energy bars can be a reliable, better tasting option.

Lighting is also very crucial, ensure you have a reliable source of light. Headlamps can be used as the compact, the free up, and it can also be held. When there is no light, even the tiniest problem may bring trouble from lack of good vision. Even though having a flashlight is useful, the most recommended one is a headlamp.

Carrying a solar charger can come in handy. This is especially true for situations where there is no access to reliable power or electrical outlets. Modern day solar chargers can charge several small devices such as phones, torches, and tablets. If anticipated that there will be little sunlight, the next best option is using rechargeable battery packs. As with everything else in the bag, it is prudent to check it every few months in case the items have become outdated or the batteries have gone flat.

Do not forget to include medical supplies. Get all the necessary medications and prescriptions and especially those that preserve life. You can also add other medical items such as scissors, glucose, painkillers, tweezers, and blood pressure monitors.

People do not consider them, but emergency whistles can come in handy. In case your phone runs out of charge or you have no signal, a signal whistle can be used. It can help you locate hazardous conditions or alert emergency rescue crews.

A dust mask can be used in areas where they will most likely be natural disasters, fumes from accidents, and airborne debris that can cause respiratory issues. A basic surgical mask will suffice although more advanced masks are advisable to filter out various smaller particulates. It is therefore vital to consider what may be needed to be filtered out of the air and get the appropriate mask.

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