How To Make Your Home Smart In This Technological Era

By Carl Davis

Security has become a major concern in the world. The good old lock and key have become almost useless in the face of a determined intruder. However, technology has come to the rescue. There are doors that recognize the residents and just open upon their approach. Some cameras that recognize faces and announce the arrival. These are all dandy. At some point in life, you will need a dummy guide on how to make your home smart.

The first thing to do is to take a walk around the house. Tour every room and picture all the ways in which technology could be incorporated into each. Write everything down. It does not have to be something major like Alexa saying halo every time someone walks in. It could be something like tab or phone operated bathtub or ability to dim the lights in the movie room. Simple things that really do add the much-needed comfort.

Once this is done, the list can be divided into two with one grouping being all about practicality and necessity and the other about luxury. The practical list should be addressed first. It will have things like security features. Face recognition cameras, for example, would be great to weed out intruders. Of course, this would take precedence over a house robot.

Then comes the budget. Once the list is complete, it is time to enter the figures. If the finances are a bit strained, this step will work to narrow down the list to only the most necessary items on the list. What can one live without comfortably? One should check online for prices of the gadget and other supplementary supplies.

Technology is very wishy-washy. One will buy a gadget or software today only to wake tomorrow to a new version of the market rendering the current obsolete. This is an important point to think about. The system should allow for software upgrades that are inexpensive. For example, when an app on the phone needs an upgrade, one can just log into the play store and download a new version without having to get a new phone. The smart system should work in the same way.

Imagine needing to turn down the music but cannot find the specific tab that operates the music system and they have to look for it for hours on end. Tedious, right? Well, how about a centralized point that connects all gadgets to the system. A capability to operate any feature with any gadget. That is what a hub does, get one.

This business of home smart making should not be handled haphazardly. Due care and caution should be taken. One should take it step by step. They should not install everything all at once. Every feature should be given time to be instilled into the normal routine before the introduction of another.

The worst thing to do is turn the house into a technological powerhouse for the glory. This ensures some pretty stupid decisions where one picks luxury over practicality. Such decisions might jeopardize security of the house and residents. It is also prudent to have a professional come in and give the house a look over before moving ahead with the changes.

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