Finding It Difficult To Enter The Google Adsense Account- It May Have Got Disabled

By Alex D White

First and most importantly what you need to know is that, you must not open a new account with a new email address but with the same channel name or address once you get banned or your AdSense account gets disabled. In either of the case applying again, Google AdSense shall reject your submission.

For individuals that have got their Google account banned there three important reasons why this can happen. If you had an AdSense account and it got banned, it can be due to instant increase in traffic to your channel, which is considered as a fraud activity. If regular fraudulent clicks have been coming to your website by someone you know or someone you don't, Google also crawls this and might block your account. Apart from this, if you have been clicking your own ads and trying to tempt Google, you definitely are going to lose your account.

You will be able to know that there is some problem with your account when you try to log in and fail to do so. Also if you get an Email from Google AdSense about account suspension notification you must know that there is a problem. The message might inform that there are invalid clicks which have been found on your Google ad on our video. This is the reason why the Google AdSense account has been disabled.

Various users use Google AdWords as they got to know that their advertisements are likely going to appear on every website that is using AdSense and it will help them to get more audience. So, in case the person is not following the rules stated by the Google AdSense, it is likely going to distract the advertisers and hence cause loss in revenue.

Google AdSense has set up several policies for individuals that are looking to apply for it. Therefore before you go for it, make sure you go through all the details and not just accept it anyway. Make sure you read all the terms and conditions of working with Google AdSense before accepting it. After you go through the details, you will be able to understand what your website lacks or if it complies with the policies stated by Google. This is a very simple process to follow, but it ensures that you are safe from being banned, blocked or disabled.

There are several websites available online that provide you with services and claim that they can help you to make millions with their services. You must never go with such scammers, irrespective of the medium they use to get in contact with you or the services they have to offer.

You need to understand the fact that there is no shortcut for money making and if you spent money on such things you are likely going to lose the. So, all you need to do is keep everything simple and only trust what Google has to regarding AdSense. The easiest way of making money is following Google, understanding the niche properly and keeps working on making it better.

It is important to provide all kind of information as because, even though you make an appeal, you are not guaranteed reinstating the channel or account. Providing all the information ensures that you have done everything that is necessary on your behalf when you present your case.

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