Tips In Choosing The Correct Herb Grinders

By Lisa Kelly

A lot of individuals use herb, marijuana, or weed for therapeutic purposes so it is imperative that many of them also seek for grinders that they can use. However, many also do not realize that there are a lot of these things that can be a threat to their health. The cheap ones that you may come across in petrol stations and head shops may even be dangerous.

Because there are many of these things that you can pick from, it is vital for you to be able to know what you need to look for when you are going to buy one. There are many important considerations that one needs to keep in mind when choosing herb grinders. The following paragraphs will provide information on the things that you might need to look for when buying one.

First is considering the material from which it is going to be made of. Generally, grinders are made of three types of materials namely, acrylic or plastic, wood, and metal. Of course there are pros and cons for each material so you might to check that out before you settle for buying one because it is cheaper or because it looks pretty.

One of the most important parts of a shredder is its teeth as it is the one responsible for all the work. Plastic crushers have teeth made of plastic, woods commonly have nails, while metals commonly have aluminum. Choose the one with the most durable teeth that will not break or rust easily so as to get value for your money and to avoid contamination on the ground product as this are dangerous.

Another thing that has something to do with its teeth is its size, shape, as well as the number that one has. Most would have 25 to 50 sets of teeth in a diamond shape, the shape which is the most commonly used. When looking for a grinder, find one that has many of these because the more that there is placed, the better the grinding of the herb will be.

The next thing that comes close to the teeth are hole patterns on the crusher. Most grinders would commonly have a circular hole pattern although others may also have a different one, such as an oval shaped pattern. These holes serve as the entry way for the crushed herb to go to the second compartment so pick one which minimizes the possibility of having improperly ground herb on your product.

Shredder lids should also have magnets on them, although there may also be others that will not. Ensure that you choose a shredder with properly attached magnets on both lids so as to prevent them from popping off. When shredding, there is a tendency for both the lids to come off and cause spillage which is why its vital to choose one that is sturdy.

Nowadays, grinders have also evolved from the conventional to more stylish and fit your lifestyle designs. Manufacturers have added handles for easier holding while there are also those who have made the screens removable for cleaning. Ensure that you choose one which does not sacrifice its performance for its design.

And even when they seem little, extras such as pollen scrapers or bags that come along the tool is also something you need to take note of. Choose ones that comes with a couple scrapers for extra in case you lose the first one you have been using. Bags will not only help you carry the equipment everywhere but also protects it from being dents or scratches especially when not in use.

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