Why Student Housing Wifi Is Essential

By Abra G. Konigsberg

For the majority of students, it is better to have high quality internet in dorms rather than entertainment equipment such as television. Students utilize the internet for coursework, research and social media. They have any kinds of devices such as smart phones, laptops, video streaming players and smart phones among others. For this reason, student housing should provide wifi in order to meet the needs of students. This popular wireless technology utilizes radio waves to provide wireless internet and network connections.

Most students are heavy internet users. They often multitask online by using several devices at the same time to stream, download or play video games. In order to accommodate the high demand for internet, student accommodation facilities should be equipped to handle approximately seven devices for every student. Student housing wifi should be available in all common areas of the property.

One of the main complaints that students make about residence halls is the lack of access of to the internet. Some students opt not to enroll in universities or reside in residence halls that lack internet. It is therefore important to install high quality internet in student housing. University officials and owners of student houses can enlist the services of information technology experts to assist them install wireless networks in dorms.

Most students expect high speed internet to be available at all times. Wifi technology allows users to remain connected in many different places. Users can connect to networks anywhere around the globe with wifi enabled devices. This allows for widespread coverage and ease of communication. Students who use this wireless technology can stay connected for as many hours as they want.

It is reasonable to invest in wireless network hardware. Unlike wired cables, wireless network hardware is easy to install and manage. Institutions of higher learning can install this hardware fast in dorms and create a secure network that supports all students. It is also easier to expand wifi so that more students can use it. It is not necessary to add equipment or carry out additional installation to achieve this goal.

Installing wifi is cost effective and the quarterly or monthly management expenses are low. Most companies that install wireless solutions provide their clients with an end of contract upgrade. Their network support and operations teams also monitor the network constantly to identify problems and ensure that no disruptions occur.

There are challenges of upgrading or deploying wireless internet connections. However, you can overcome these challenges by finding funding and addressing coverage, security and capacity issues. In order to complete such a project, you should establish your goals, perform application performance testing on the current network and determine the most suitable solution for your needs.

When installing wireless network solutions, it is essential to think in creative ways. One must first assess the site in order to know which locations are ideal for access points because some old buildings have thick exterior walls, which can affect the reception of signals. When completing such a project, it is wise to enlist the services of a trusted wireless solutions company. Such a firm can install the most appropriate wireless solutions.

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