Do You Need Android Training Classes Or Not

By Phyllis Schroeder

Do you have plans in becoming an Android application developer. If yes, then you are an enthusiast of creating a good application designed for mobile devices like the tablet computers and the smartphones. You might even know that android has a software development kit that makes the development of these apps very easy and effective.

But in learning software development, it is not as easy like blinking your eyes. Most enthusiasts really prefer to enroll themselves in android training classes for them to really have a formal training. If you like to know more about the classes, here are the advantages and disadvantages of it.

The biggest advantage of enrolling in a class is that you will get a chance to be taught and worked with an experienced and qualified developer. Developing apps is always a mixture of science and your creativity. Any instructor could guide you in developing your own style of developing those apps. They can also help you correct your mistakes, especially to starters like you.

A formal classroom setting can keep you focused on the training schedule. Also, it creates an environment which encourages you to learn more in developing your app. This also requires you to prepare for the class in every meeting and in every lecture.

If you got an instructor that is good for you, you already know to yourself you will be affected by him positively. You would not even notice that you are already motivated by him through making good performances in your class activities. If you are performing well, the trainer will commend you for a job well done. If you fail, the trainer will encourage you to do better. If you have passed the lessons, you will get your certification for the training.

If we talk about the disadvantages, one of it will be your cost. Self learning is never costly because you will just have to search on the internet the things that you would like to learn. If you are under an instructor, then you will have to pay for his services towards you.

Another disadvantage would be the pace of learning. With an instructor, you could never manage a time to master everything because all of you need to quickly get through each lesson. There are possibilities that you cannot grasp a particular concept that you need to learn. Unlike with the self learning, you could have all the time you like in mastering that concept.

You will only focus on the general concept of application development and not on a certain area. Inside the class, the trainers follow a certain guidelines for the lessons to be tackled. You cannot focus on that area that you are good at and pursue it right then and now. It is just totally different with self study.

Android became the new and the exciting platform and if you devote yourself in learning all the things you need to learn, you will acquire all those easily. You should understand the entire difference of training inside the class and self study. This is the reason so that you can consider the things mentioned above in having the best way of learning what you need.

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